Storylark Squawks

Policy Change: "Work in Progress" Issues

Updates incoming, comic lovers!

We've spent the past few weeks looking at how you've been using and figuring out how to make your creations easier to access. Thus, we present: the first batch of updates for the year!

When we envisioned Storylark, we imagined it to be an online storefront for comics; just like the storefronts you'd see at the mall, you'd be able to see it lined with rows of gleaming comics, waiting for their readers. Similarly, we figured readers would be expect complete issues, rather than ones that were continuously updated.

What we discovered, however, is that a lot of people also want to share their creations right as they're working on them. Because of this, we saw that we could improve our issue publishing policy to account for this:

Work in progress issues are now welcome

work in progress selection

You can check this option to show a badge on your issue, stating that it's a work in progress:
work in progress tags

Don't worry about committing to that option. After the issue has been published you can change it anytime you want, as often as you want without needing to ask for anybody's permission.

While we won't be strict about work-in-progress labels, we do hope you'll keep your issues labeled, to make sure readers know to come back for more.

As always, we're always happy to hear how we can make it easier for you to publish and read your creations. Keep the comics and suggestions coming!


Have you noticed's new homepage? We're organizing it into something we call aisles. We'll be telling you all about how they work very soon, so stay tuned!