Storylark Squawks

PDF Uploading

We've noticed that a lot of authors have been asking if they can upload their comic books in PDF format, instead of in individual image files.

We got really, really tired of saying

"No, sorry, not yet. We're working on it!"

So. PDF uploading is now a feature.

Go try it out, and let us know what you think!

Uploading PDF is easy: just upload them like your normal images.

Dropbox PDF upload
(Here, also I used our Dropbox upload functionality.)

When your PDF has finished uploading, we extract all the images from it and order the pages based on the extraction order. Be sure to double check the ordering of pages!

Caveat: we don't handle 100% of exported PDFs. In particular, if the PDF exporter chops an image into multiple pieces internally, our system is unable to piece them together. As such, we still recommend zipped images as the primary format when uploading comics.

Got any feedback? Additional questions? Drop by our forums!