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Upcoming Changes to Age and Content Rating

TL;DR: A more flexible content rating will deployed on Feb. 12, 2015. Feedback is appreciated.

One of the things we promise is to allow mature titles (despite Storylark's cute appearance, he's an adult bird) as long as it falls within bounds of our local laws. However, we noticed that a comic could be rated as "Mature" for several reasons: gore, nudity, violence, etc. With our current system, it's not clear why a comic is rated as "Mature". Someone looking for sexy comics might end up looking at extremely violent comics which they might not like ("make love, not war" they say), and vice-versa. Moreover, while we have two levels of age rating "Everyone" and "Mature", there may be some instances where the content is inappropriate for kids but acceptable for teens. In the current system, authors would have labeled it as "Mature" which reduces its possible audience. It needs to be more flexible.

So we're changing how authors rate content. Feedback is appreciated: just comment below, drop us an email, or tweet us. The system will tentatively be deployed on February 12, 2015 22:00 (PHT).

Instead of simply being for "Everyone" or "Mature", issues will be rated based on four categories: profanity, violence, sex and nudity, and controlled substances (e.g. drugs, alcohol). The issue can be rated as having "None", "Mild" (PG-13), or "Explicit" (R-18) content for each category, respectively.

Image of Rating Selections

Issues and titles containing explicit content (that is, the last and highest value) in any of these categories will be covered by a user's censorship/mature content visibility options (more on that later).

On the "Pages" tab of the issue edit interface, we present one question per category via dropdown menu, to help you identify the appropriate content descriptors for your issue. After submission and approval, the appropriate content descriptor tags are automatically appended to your title's tag list.

Image of Title View

A title will get the highest value for each category over all the the issues. If the title contains explicit content in any of the values, it will be covered by a user's mature content visibility options, and will be shown as censored to guests and users who are not age-verified.

User-visibility settings

I've already uploaded something! How will this affect my current titles?

If you don't have any issues containing mature content, then great! We'd appreciate it if you could go over your current issues and confirm whether you need to add any new content descriptors.

IF you currently have issues marked mature: we've kept the age rating set to R-18, but also set each category to maximum (that is, explicit), to err on the side of caution. Please check your issues out and update the content descriptors appropriately! That will also make it easier for your issues to be searched for by tag.